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Market data is typically one of the top 5 expense areas in a financial services firm and yet many firms do not have enough dedicated resources focused on managing this information. Today, more than ever, it is imperative to implement tighter management controls on the purchase and use of all market data within a financial services firm. Our market data consulting offerings will help you save more than 10% of your annual market data related expenses.
We use proprietary tools to manage the market data contracts, inventories, invoices, and end user requirements to make your procurement and management process for market data more efficient. We will be your market data administrative department staffed by experienced professionals that will operate both on and off site to ensure that your market data related investment is used wisely. Allow our market data consultants to perform a cost effective evaluation of your environment which is focused on saving
you money and showing you how we can integrate into your market data management workflow. We can reduce your expenses, save you time, and provide you with a professional market data department to give you all of the skills necessary to manage this information across your firm. We are auditors for the required NYSE quote meter and MISU audits and are experts at saving market data related expenses for your firm. Please call today at 212-487-4976 and let us understand and help you address your challenges.

Our Services

  • Vendor selection
    The Vendor selection process can be a complex, time consuming, and daunting task especially if it is not your primary business responsibility. Whether. Read More...
  • Cost Reduction
    Need to reduce your market data expenses? The answer is always YES! We can help with a cost reduction effort. We review contracts, inventory, alternat. Read More...
  • Contracts
    Do you need assistance negotiating a vendor agreement? We have expert knowledge of many vendors’ contracts and have negotiated on behalf of both lar. Read More...
  • Sample Engagements
    Agreement consolidation across different business units and subsidiaries; Application Review and Compliance Analysis to ensure that all client softwar. Read More...
  • Audits
    Are you adhering to your contractual commitments? Do you need to file a quote meter audit with the NYSE annually? We perform audits to ensure that you. Read More...
  • Staffing
    Overworked and understaffed? Your market data organization may have additional staffing requirements that are either temporary or permanent in nature.. Read More...
  • Exchange Reporting
    Are you required to report usage monthly to the exchanges? The monthly reporting requirements of many organizations can be complex at times. Many time. Read More...
  • Inventory Management
    Do you have an inventory management system for market data? No matter what your answer is, you still need to keep the inventory updated and reconcile . Read More...
  • Complete Admin Outsourcing
    Do you need a professional market data department that has skills and tools to manage this valuable asset? Market Data Management Solutions Corp. has . Read More...

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