MDMS is a market data management consulting firm with over 15 years of experience interacting with all major exchanges and vendors.   Our comprehensive approach to market data and vendor management has yielded results for our clients unparalleled to what any other firm can offer.  We provide considerable expertise in vendor of record responsibilities, pro non pro verification, audit defense and inventory management. 

We are based in the New York metropolitan area while servicing both domestic and international clients .  MDMS associates have acquired unique experience while employed at some of the most reputable firms in the financial services industry.  Our leadership team have been key contributors in the evolution of the market data industry for decades.  MDMS has the knowledge and bandwidth to meet any challenge.


MDMS is a recognized expert by vendors, exchanges, and other third parties. The New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges recognize us as a qualified auditor for their required quote meter audits.  Our clients include on-line brokers, hedge funds, investment advisors, brokers, dealers, mutual funds, insurance companies, exchanges, vendors and banks.

We are here to help you navigate the world of market data.  Click here to email us for an initial consultation or call at 347-878-MDMS.

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Why Let MDMS Help You

—Over $27 billion dollars are spent on market data world wide. Many companies are waking up to the realization that their market data management obligations need to be addressed.  Companies are struggling and are unprepared to deal with the multi-faceted issues right in front of them.  They need an expert.

MDMS will supplement your staff or become your market data department, saving you time and money.  We will handle the complexity of your market data needs.  Do any of these issues keep you up at night?——

  • Market Data costs skyrocketing across the market data life cycle
  • Struggling with the complexity of market data licensing
  • Under staffed for executing Vendor of Record responsibilities
  • Trouble understanding new feeds and aggregation of technologies
  • No centralized process to evaluate and purchase market data
  • Overwhelmed by audits from exchanges and vendors 

Our resources and time become your resources.  The benefit of our expertise becomes yours. You receive personal attention from a dedicated staff who is always on call to support you.  We focus on the details and pain of market data while you focus on growing your business. We interact with exchanges on a weekly basis since we are representing our clients in many capacities and have ample opportunities to understand, clarify and communicate policy to your teams.


We are here to help you manage the world of market data.  Click here to email us for an initial consultation or call at 347-878-MDMS.

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