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Are you adhering to your contractual commitments?  Do you know all of the details of your vendor agreement? Are you able to verify non-pro subscribers? Do you have Non-Display usage? Reporting properly? 


MDMS will keep you in compliance and get you out of trouble if you are not.  —

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We perform internal audits to ensure that you are adhering to your contractual commitments.  We identify areas where your firm is not compliant with the T’s & C’s of both vendor and exchange agreements. Violating data usage agreements can be quite expensive to rectify due to penalties and other fees. 

You receive a report identifying areas of non-compliance. It is much better to approach a vendor or exchange with a non-compliance issue than to have the vendor or exchange find out through an audit that they conduct. We also perform audits for usage reporting, including quote counting utilities.

Market Data Vendor of Record Audits

It’s not if you will be audited, it’s when and when that time comes, you can
rely on our experience and expertise in representing or assisting during an audit. We can gather benchmarks from other clients and provide insights into an exchange’s dispositions. The audit process typically goes on for months at a time. Our staff stays on top of the process while you focus on growing your business.


MDMS handles the preparation, remote/onsite review with auditors and post audit negotiations.

Preparation: we will work with your team to aggregate the required data and reports that will be needed during an audit.  We will respond to any questionnaires or pre audit requests from the exchanges.  and finally, we will conduct an internal audit similar to the one you will experience with the exchange or vendor to identify any potential issues.  We will recommend both process and technology solutions to solve your issues.

Remote/Onsite Review: We will manage all interaction with the audit team.  This includes organizing demos, reviews data, discussing workflow and presenting data.


Post Audit Negotiations: We will lead any discussions around fee liability resulting from any noncompliance identified during the audit.  We conduct these negotiations with the utmost professionalism.  MDMS has built a reputation of fairness with the exchanges resulting in all parties settling their disputes in an a way to allow for future business to be conducted in a non-adversarial manner. 

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