Exchange Management

Exchange management has become a discipline. Staying in step with changing policy from providers is a team task which is often thrusted on to one or two market data members, sometimes as one of many other responsibilities. This is not a winning formula, We have seen missed announcements, differing interpretation of policy and sometimes a lack of understanding of the risk and implications of changes.

MDMS has dedicated staff who are focused on reviewing and communicating policy changes to our client’s stake holders. We interact with exchanges on a weekly basis since we are representing our clients in many capacities and have ample opportunities to understand, clarify and communicate policy to your teams.

Sample Engagement

Our Exchange Management offering focuses on the execution of Vendor of Record responsibilities on behalf of our clients. 

When you allow us to do your exchange management we will provide you with

Exchange Reporting - We will partner with your IT and business owners to correctly aggregate entitlement data and report to the exchanges in accordance with your vendor agreements.

Policy Monitoring – During implementation and through the course of day to day support we inventory the data your firm has and monitor policy changes which can affect your business. We have standardized formats for communication and depending on other services we do for you can also perform impact assessments. As policy changes or is introduced we will communicate it to your stake holders in a timely and clear manner.


Policy Interpretation – We can help stake holders gain an understanding of what policy means and their nuances. Since we represent many clients we are also able to ask questions to providers without disclosing who the client is, this is helpful when you need to clarify policy against what you are doing without drawing unneeded attention to your firm. In servicing, other clients if we see that shifting interpretation can affect your firm. We will communicate it as we do with policy monitoring.

Contract Administration – There are annual commitments that firms have to perform, exhibit As etc. On your behalf, we will make sure that your firm is current with contracts
and schedules required by exchanges. We work with your internal teams to complete these tasks.


Audit Defense – It’s not if you will be audited, it’s when; when that time comes, you can rely on our experience and expertise in representing or assisting during an audit. We can gather benchmarks from other clients and provide insights into an exchange’s dispositions.

In short, we take away the burden of managing market data, become your trusted advisor and allow you to spend your time focusing on your business, 

  • Submitting monthly exchange reporting 

  • Filing required exchange documents to acquire market data  

  • Managing market data access/entitlements 

  • Managing exchange relationships 

  • Managing risk and limiting exposure

  • Maintaining compliance with all exchange agreements

  • Managing the entire exchange audit process

Audit Support

We Take The Stress of Audits Away From You

Our team has a proven track record of reducing your workload and producing favorable results

We Make Market Data Work For You


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